What’s New In May part 1

Our Calabrio Teleopti WFM specialist guides you through what’s new this month, including changes to MyTime, Chat Bot, Web People and Reports.

What’s New in April

It’s April already and for those of us in the northern hemisphere it means the site of spring lambs in the fields and our first glimpse of the sun (if we are lucky)! There are 3 new items in your Calabrio Teleopti WFM system this month. Read on for the details of each item or […]

New Features in March

Something for everyone this month! Forecasters, Schedulers, Intraday Analysts and Agents will all benefit from these new features. All windows client users will see a new layout for the home page, the list of screens has moved from along the bottom to the top left, giving us more room for screens such as Schedules and […]

New items in February

Hi everyone! There are some nifty new features to make life easier for Schedulers and Agents in this months video. Grab a coffee and join me

Should I be sending ASM Messages?

Hi everyone! Are you a busy Manager or WFMer in a contact centre with Calabrio Teleopti WFM? Then why not make the most of this great feature in your system!

Contact Centre Home Working – WFM Processes

One of a series of blogs about homeworking in our industry, this week we look at what steps your scheduling and real time team can take to ensure homeworkers and office workers are treated the same. Same old same old… Some processes should be just the same for all agents. Scheduling in breaks, lunches, meetings […]

What’s New in November 2020

Hi everyone ! There is something for everyone this month including Forecasters, Schedulers and Real Time Analysts 👍🏻