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Meet Grant Bot

Grant is an intelligent bot that leverages Microsoft’s bot technology to deliver better self-service experiences for employees, a more streamlined process for internal communication.


Lifestyle Package Overview

This optional package complements the Calabrio Teleopti WFM solution, greatly improving vacation planning, shift trading, overtime optimization and intraday flexibility.

Cloud Solution Summary

Calabrio Teleopti WFM Cloud includes Base, Lifestyle & Notify modules, with the option for other add-on modules that are easily adaptable and expandable to your needs.

On Prem Solution Summary

Teleopti WFM consists of a base product and optional, add-on modules/packages that are easily adaptable and expandable to your needs

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Optimize resources. Increase profitability

Calabrio Teleopti WFM helps ensure you have the right number of people, with the right skills, in the right place, at the right time. Simple as that.


How a new approach to workforce management has
meant great results for UCAS and students


UCAS Migrates WFM to the Cloud to Meet Seasonal Resourcing Demands

Jo Kirman

Our Senior WFM Consultant, Jo, shares her thoughts and experiences on WFM and contact centres.

Jo's Blog

What’s New In May part 1

Our Calabrio Teleopti WFM specialist guides you through what’s new this month, including changes to MyTime, Chat Bot, Web People and Reports.

What’s New in April

It’s April already and for those of us in the northern hemisphere it means the site of spring lambs in the fields and our first

New Features in March

Something for everyone this month! Forecasters, Schedulers, Intraday Analysts and Agents will all benefit from these new features. All windows client users will see a